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Sharks have been around for over 400 million years, yet they are vulnerable to the constant impact of humans.  Over 100 million sharks are slaughtered each year & now the threat of extinction is a formidable one.  They are being killed faster than they can reproduce. It is said that by 2017, 20 species of sharks could become extinct. Conservation is at a critical point; not only will it benefit the sharks, but the health of the entire marine system. 

Please check out the Shark & Ocean Conservation organizations listed below for facts, information, & how you can help.

Stop Shark Finning ~ www.stopsharkfinning.net  Campaigning to achieve a worldwide ban on the barbaric act of shark finning.

Shark Angels ~ www.sharkangels.com  Working to save sharks from decimation.

Bite-Back ~
www.bite-back.com  Shark & marine conservation.

Shark Alliance ~
www.sharkalliance.org  A coalition of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the conservation of sharks.

Apex Shark Expeditions ~
www.apexpredators.com  Amazing shark photography, shark eco tourism trips, & shark information.

Elasmo Diver ~
www.elasmodiver.com  Shark information, photography, etc..

Lesley Rochat ~
www.lesleyrochat.com  Shark Warrior ~ Shark & Marine Conservationist, Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer ~ Blog & information.

Sharkwater ~
www.sharkwater.com  Documentary on the exploration & protection of sharks. Rob Stewart (filmmaker) teams up with conservationist, Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Society).

Shark Safe Network ~
www.sharksafenetwork.com  A volunteer effort that is compromised of individuals & groups who are working together to protect sharks.

Shark Trust ~
www.sharktrust.org  Works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence & action.

Save Our Sharks ~
www.saveoursharks.com.au  Shark education & conservation.

Shark Research Institute ~
www.sharks.org  Sponsors & conducts research on sharks & promotes the conservation of sharks.

Shark Savers ~
www.sharksavers.org  "Our mission is to save the sharks." ~ Awareness, education, action.

Mote Marine Laboratory/ The Mote Center for Shark Research ~
www.mote.org  Dedicated to the scientific study of sharks & their relatives, the skates & rays.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ~
www.seashepherd.org  Promotes shark conservation, as well as other marine life.

Oceanic Defense ~
www.oceanicdefense.org  Working towards healthy aquatic ecosystems free from human abuse & neglect.

Surfrider Foundation ~
www.surfrider.org  Dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.

Save The Waves ~
www.savethewaves.org  Protecting surf spots globally.

Consortium for Ocean Leadership ~
www.oceanleadership.org  Ocean Leadership shapes the future of ocean science and technology through discovery, understanding and action.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute ~
www.whoi.edu  Dedicated to research and education to advance understanding of the ocean and its interaction with the Earth system, and to communicating this understanding for the benefit of society.

Oceana ~
www.na.oceana.org  Dedicated to ocean conservation, with locations in North America, South America & Europe.

Ocean Conservancy ~
www.oceanconservancy.org  Dedicated to ocean conservation efforts.

Coastal Conservation Assn. ~
www.joincca.org  Advises & educates the public on conservation of marine resources.

Ocean Champions ~
www.oceanchampions.org  Works with the U.S. Congress to ensure ocean health through electoral and legislative action.

Save Our Seas Foundation ~
www.saveourseas.org  Ocean & marine life education & conservation.

Save The Blue ~ Hoover Environmental Foundation ~ 
www.savetheblue.org  Undertakes & supports campaigns necessary for advancing public understanding of & solutions for water conservation issues. Save The Blue is the foundations call to action.

Calusa Land Trust ~
www.calusalandtrust.org  Protects the natural diversity & beauty of the Pine Island region.

The Daily Ocean ~
www.thedailyocean.blogspot.com  Collects beach trash daily & inspires community collections.  

5 Gyres ~ www.5gyres.org  An environmental research expedition across the South Pacific Gyre.

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